Cars and truck Dent RepairThe disadvantage of working metal on early design cars was the strength and density of the steel; it was harder to move, unlock, and reshape. It took a lot more force to move the thick metal when correcting the alignment of, than the thinner steel used on more recent cars. The lead filler that was utilized also took more t… Read More

"I actually like your product or service. I used to be shocked on how well the paint matched my motor vehicle Given that it light as time passes. Great career."You'll have to obtain some matching paint. This similar treatment can be used to repair primer-coat scratches by brushing in the layer of primer first, then sanding the overrun until eventua… Read More

Use the dry ice as lots of times as you need to, but it must pop out eventually, if the damage isn't too deep.I prefer utilizing a t-handel over a slide hammer. This enables me to use force on the low area and tap on the high areas with a body hammer. The slide hammer has the tendency to pop and force the metal, which causes it to extend at the pul… Read More